Olive Oil

Olive oil in  ‘the golden liquid of the holly tree’ is being processed in Turkey in the region of Mediterranean since M.O 4500.  Mediterranean, with the aroma of the sea and the wind adds to the success of the olive oil.  The North Aegean (Ayvalik and Edremit) with its natural contribution to the olive oil means an  amazing taste, color, smell as well as physical and mental well being.  Olive oil:

The mono-saturated fatty acids, vitamin E and phenol components contained in olive oil, are the most preferred.  The Mono-saturated fatty acids decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

The content of vitamin E and other minerals plays a major role in the prevention of coronary heart diseases and is a major factor against cancer.  

Olive oil stabiles the blood sugar level, providing raw materials for the making hormones and contributing to a healthy immune system, therefore delaying the aging stage.