Roasted Red Peppers

There is common belief about healthy foods are tasteless but there are lost of  sample proving this belief is not right  in Anatolia. Lots of vegetables growing in Anatolia are both delicious and healthy.

One of these kind of vegetables is Kapya pepper. Kapya pepper affects human healthy positively. You can consume it being fresh or cooked by ember-pickled.

You can consume Kapya Pepper, makes our tables jollify, at meat, vegetables dish and breakfast.

The story of Kapya Pepper from fields to tables

  • Arnika Foods choose the best pepper seeds for you.
  • The ideal growing tempature of Kapya Pepper is 20-35 ˚C. The North Aegean is the region of  the most strong peppers grow in the world because of lack of humidity and drip irrigation tecniques. Arnika Foods grows peppers in ideal conditions between July-October.
  • Growing peppers are picked carefully.
  • It’s peel and stone are cleaned to be stored during 12 months freshly. It’s pasteurized curing by the water, vinegar and salt.
  • It’s serviced in glass jar for last users and sold in tin for restaurants, pizza shops and appetizer producer.
  • Our products are serviced in 500 cc, 720 cc and 1700n cc glass jar for retail, in A10 tin for food shops.