The Lux has 350-380 piece per kilogram.  The nature of the olive, when first opened maybe brown.  When contact with air is made, they will turn black. You may find this product in in 300 g, 475 g and 965 g vacuumed packages, 500 g, 850 g, 5kg Pasteurized Tins and in 10kg of Canister Package.

Retail Packages:

Pastorized Tins 500 gr x 12

Pastorized Tins 850 gr x 12

Vacuum Package 300 gr x 30

Vacuum Package 500 gr x 24

Vacuum Package 1000 gr x 12

Pastorized Tins 5 kg x 4

Bulk Packages:

Canister Tins 10 kg