Anatolia is the initial place where the wheat is harvested and consumed. Bulgur is the final product of the wheat ( Durum Wheat ) after the several steps in the processing is finished. Bulgur contains high amount of fiber, B1 Vitamins and Folic Acid. These ingredients are beneficial for intestinal movements, nervous cells and intelligence level in a baby. 

In order to get the full benefits, Bulgur must be produced  in these critical steps;

   1. Selection of Durum Wheat : There are different types of wheat used to produce the Bulgur, but only Hard Durum Wheat, which is solely harvested in Karaman Region in Turkey, can provide all the benefits and give that wonderful taste. Arnika Foods has contract with producers who use only Hard Durum Wheat in process stage.
   2. Cleaning and Separating : The Wheat is cleaned with hot water and is separated from its stems and other unwanted crops.
   3. Boiling and Washing : The wheat is boiled in large steel sauce pan.
   4. First Drying : Boiled and washed wheat is placed in a high tower, the  Bulgur than  slowly drops to the bottom of the tower. This usually takes 12 hours. During this 12 hours, the wheat is transferred into Bulgur.
   5. Cracking in Millstones : The bulgur is than cracked in millstones this results in the separation of the wheat from its flakes. As a conclusion, this leaves hundred percent per wheat which is produced in natural conditions meaning natural fiber and protein is achieved.
   6. Second Drying : Now the Bulgur is ready to be redried in the tall tower.
   7. Selecting : The final stage is to divide the Bulgur into four main categories, which is Fine, Ex-Fine, Coarse and Dark Bulgur.