Dried Raisins

Are mainly harvested in the West Anatolia area is the second country where main grown of raisins without pit is produced. Raisins are wonderful for a natural energy booster: 100gms of raisins contain around 70gms of natural sucrose, glucose and fructose. They are ideal for anyone suffering from Chronic fatigue syndrome and also high-energy users such as athletes, rock climbers and walkers. The great thing about raisins is that they are also rich in other nutrients. Raisins are rich in iron: 100gm contain more than 25% of the recommended daily allowance for women. Furthermore they contain rich amounts of fibre, which will help reduce cholesterol and improve the function of the bowel, a large amount of potassium which prevents fluid retention and helps reduce blood pressure and also selenium (great for the skin). There are also smaller amounts of Vitamin A and also small but significant amounts of Vitamin B. Many Consider Raisins to be a Super Food as they are great for sufferers of High Blood Pressure, fluid retention and anaemia, as well as excellent for constipation.  Arnika Foods, with the colour code 8,9 and 10, meduim, standard and jumbo are the main three size Arnika Foods exports with the packaging style required by the customer.