Which has been around for centuries is most liked in plain, pistachio and coco flavor.  Halva can be find in 200g, 500g and 1kg packages.  This confection is mostly consumed in the winter season as the high energy levels gives the body the extra heat needed during this cold period.  Arnika Foods can supply halva all year round as it also helps the body to prepare for the illness such as a cold.

Retail Packages:

Package 40 gr. x 96

Package 80 gr. x 90

Package 200 gr. x 12

Package 500 gr. x 12

Package 1 kg. x 8

Plastic Package 400 gr. x 12

Plastic Package 700 gr. x 12

Catering Packages:

Package 5 kg. x 2

Package 10 kg.