Can be seen as the natural oil sesame seed offers.  The high levels of energy and the ability to flight off colds can be used in the making of Humus with  chickpeas or during breakfast time, can be spread alone or with molasses onto bread.  Arnika Foods have realized this distinguished taste is demanded in 500cc or in 1lt glass jars and in 5kg and 20kg tins.

Retail Packages:

Glass Jar 300 gr. x 12

Glass Jar 620 gr. x 12

Glass Jar 1650 gr. x 4

Plastic Package 500 gr. x 12

Plastic Package 800 gr. x 12

Plastic Package 1100 gr. x 9

Plastic Package 2100 gr. x 6

Catering Packages:

Baket 12 kg.

Canister Tins 19 lt. x 2