The name Arnika is inspired by a wild flower, which is found on the high hills of the mountains. This special flower is believed to contribute in the healing process of the human body.

The company, Arnika Foods, is influenced by its given name. The aim and mission of Arnika Foods is to provide high quality food products of Anatolia to the world.

Turkey is one of the most fertile land with its culture and history, this is visible in the wide range of food products supplied by Arnika Foods; such as spices, pulses, olives, olive oil, dried fruit and nuts, fruit and vegetables, pickle, Turkish Delight and other sweets that we have chosen for you.

Arnika does not just provide food products, helpful advice is given to our customers by listening to their demands. This leads to a valuable and profitable relationship as well as partnership.

As well as listening, we provide information about the changing market conditions and new products, because outstanding customer service is and will always be Arnika Foods’ Priority.